A budding friendship

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Most of us have heard about arranged marriages. Why stop there? Why not consider arranged friendships? Might be worth a shot. After all, you know the expression:  You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.

So, how did we arrive at this topic? Let’s go back to late August, when we picked up our rescue dog, Danny, from the shelter. Our 20-minute car ride home was filled with plenty of conversation, debate, and a little bit of trepidation.

I wondered how Danny would get along with our two cats. Sheryl pondered the sleeping arrangements. Would he sleep in his own bed or in our bed? We both contemplated where he would eat. Separate from the cats or alongside them? There were so many things to consider.

Then, as we turned onto our street, Sheryl posed an interesting question.

“Do you think he’ll become friends with Ace?”

“I sure hope so,” I replied.

And, that’s the first time I gave thought to an arranged friendship.

And, who is Ace, you might be wondering? He is an energetic and gregarious white Maltese who lives down the street. We’ve known Ace since he was a puppy and find him to be absolutely delightful.

We’ve even taken Ace for walks, with his parents’ permission, of course. He’s the type of dog that anyone would want their dog to have as a friend.

The day after we brought Danny home, word had spread in the neighborhood that we had a new family member. Almost on cue, Ace and his parents came by to ask if Danny would like to join them on a walk. (Truth be told, Ace’s parents did the asking.)

We were thrilled. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship, we wondered?

Well, I’m happy to report that seven weeks later, Danny and Ace get along famously. They sniff each other every time they see one another, a good sign I’m told. They walk at roughly the same pace and each waits for the other while they do their business.

Another sign of their growing friendship is that each looks longingly at the other’s house when they pass it on the street. Danny will begin to pull on his leash when we get near Ace’s house. The other day, Ace made a beeline for our house when he saw the garage door go up. Danny was in the car at the time, but we brought him out so he could visit with his buddy.

They certainly have developed a special bond. At this rate, they’re well on their way to becoming BFFFs (Best Fur Friends Forever).

You know, I kind of like this ‘arranged friendship’ concept.


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  1. Virginia Degeneres

    How precious !!

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  2. Phyllis Yocum

    Animals are the best. We have established a negotiated pet friendship too. (Or, more accurately, the dog and cat have established it.) Our 7-year-old Westie, Daisy, who hates cats, tolerates “Gray Cat” our new adopted stray, who we recently dropped $84 on for a neuter and rabies shot to protect him from Orange Cat, the neighborhood “Tom” who beats everyone up. All things are possible, even for Westies who notoriously HATE cats. Good blog, Sid.

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