A day at the beach

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It was a day we had been anticipating for quite some time now. After having had Danny, the rescue dog, in our home for nearly seven months now, we would finally be able to take him to the beach.

It had always been our intention to introduce him to the beach as soon as possible, but a hind foot infection and abscess had pre-empted that from happening until this weekend.

We arrived in Del Mar around 11 am where I dropped off Sheryl and Danny at Seagrove Park before proceeding to find a precious parking spot. Once that was secured, I walked back to the park to meet up with them.

By that time, Danny had already engaged three generations visiting from Boston – a toddler accompanied by his parents and grandparents. Danny had totally captivated them. But, enough already, he had a beach to visit.

Once we made our way down to the beach, Danny was like a kid in a candy store. It was sensory overload for him. The ocean waves beckoned, the sand was intoxicating, dogs were everywhere, and kids were building sandcastles nearby. What was the little dog to do next?

Danny was so excited. He made a beeline for the water as Sheryl held on tightly to his leash. Then, after frolicking in the water for a few moments, he ran back to shore and rolled around in the sand for a while.

Meanwhile, he approached most every dog he encountered as he combed the beach. As for the kids on the beach, they all gave him plenty of attention. Danny clearly loved every minute of it.

All in all, it was a great introduction that exceeded our expectations. We’re quite certain the beach will become a regular feature of Danny’s weekend regimen.





After all that running around at the beach, Danny needed to hydrate.

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  1. SHERILYNN4@aol.com

    Finally had a few minutes to read the latest blog…Danny is adorable in the beach photos! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Sheri

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