danny-dogDanny is an adorable, 17-pound gray Shih Tzu. He has been a source of great joy to his parents since they adopted him in the summer of 2013. Danny can best be described as a playful, energetic, and sometimes stubborn little dog. He never stays in one place too long, unless he’s sleeping. And, you should hear him snore! He enjoys car rides, going shopping, and chasing his cat sisters all over the house (even though he’s not quite fast enough to catch them).

An absolutely delightful dog, Danny immediately fit in with his new family. He loves people and loves the attention he receives from the neighborhood children on his walks. Clearly, everyone has embraced Danny’s lovable personality and manner.

sid-shapiraSid Shapira is a moderately adorable, 150-pound graying writer. After growing tired of the Canadian winters, he moved to Southern California in the early 1990s. Shortly after arriving in San Diego, he wrote his first book, The Time of My Life, the autobiography of Jack Leonard, a retired Time Inc. executive. Since then, he has written numerous memoirs through his business, Stories Be Told. (www.storiesbetold.com). Danny Dog – A rescue dog finds his forever home is his first children’s book.

Sid and his wife, Sheryl, share their home with their dog Danny (named after Sheryl’s late father) and their cats Winnie (named after Sid’s hometown of Winnipeg) and Marley (named after Sheryl’s home state of Maryland).