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It seems Danny does something new to amuse us on a daily basis. Yes, our rescue dog is quite a character.

The other day, Danny was lying down in his “super luxurious” bed – actually, it’s a cardboard box from Costco – with the TV on in the background. That Time Warner Cable commercial, featuring Bill Cowher, was playing when the doorbell rang. The doorbell from the TV, that is.

On cue, Danny jumps up from his slumber and jogs to the front door. I didn’t have the nerve to stop him. Besides, it was so entertaining to watch.

The next day, Sheryl arrived home from a nine-day trip to the east coast to visit family. Before she left DC, she texted me a reminder to bring Danny in the car to the airport. She missed him terribly, after all.

So, I drove with Danny to the airport. He just loves the car and on the drive down he was bouncing all around in the back seat. Then, when we arrived at the airport and Sheryl hopped in the car, Danny just sat there.

“I thought he’d jump in the front seat with me,” said Sheryl. “What’s the deal? Didn’t he miss me?”

Well, apparently Danny wasn’t too thrilled that his mommy left him for more than a week. Nevertheless, it was humorous to watch him give her the cold shoulder before finally warming up a couple hours later.

But, the real show has been occurring daily on our neighborhood walks. Every time we walk down the street behind us, a dog stationed behind a high fence begins barking when Danny gets within range.

We have yet to see this dog, but he/she and Danny have developed a special relationship through their nightly conversations. And, the dialog seems quite cordial.

The Behind the Fence Fido (BFF) will start the conversation with a couple of barks. Then, Danny will chime in with a few of his own before BFF will counter. And, each dog is careful not to the interrupt the other. They never step on each other’s barks. It’s quite remarkable.

So, I decided it was time to decode the conversation.

Their conversation went something like this…

BFF:    Hey, Danny, what’s happening?

Danny:   Oh, just the usual. Out for a walk, doing my business.

BFF:  Did you have dinner yet?

Danny:  That’s why I’m doing my business – hee, hee!  Same ol’, same ‘ol food. You’d think they’d change it up once in a while.

BFF:  I know, I know. Like maybe they’d order in for a change.

Danny:  So, buddy, what are you doing later?

BFF:  Oh, maybe take a late night stroll, watch the stars, that sort of thing.

Danny:  Later, dude.

These two canines have never met, but they continue to carry on a great relationship over the fence. If it’s okay for children to have imaginary friends, I guess it’s okay for dogs to have invisible friends.

And, we can just chalk it up to another day, another Danny adventure.


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