Cinco de Barko a smash hit!

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Being Cinco de Mayo, it seemed the perfect time for a party. But, it was more than that, it was Danny’s birthday.

When we adopted our rescue dog Danny last August, the information on him was a little sketchy.  But, shortly after we brought him home, the rescue center provided us with a folder containing his microchip information. Turned out Danny’s birthday fell on Cinco de Mayo.

So, we filed away that information until about a month ago when Sheryl and I began to plan a ‘Cinco de Barko’ celebration. Essentially, we would invite our neighborhood friends and their four-legged companions to a backyard party.

Little did the invited guests know that it would also be a birthday party for Danny. When Sheryl brought out the cake for Danny and his friends to enjoy, it caught everyone by surprise. (She even made dog treats and wrapped them in goodie bags, just like a kid’s birthday party).

Meanwhile, Danny and his pals couldn’t wait to attack the cake. They wolfed it down so fast you’d have thought they were contestants in Nathan’s 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Needless to say, it was a real treat watching Danny and his canine friends scamper around the backyard with the neighborhood kids in tow. We knew before Monday night that Danny loves a good party and he showed the whole neighborhood what a party animal he is!

No doubt, he’s already looking ahead to next year’s celebration. Rumor has it he wants a magician as the featured entertainer.



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  1. Adriana

    We had a great time at the party. Thanks for letting us share this special moment with you guys!

  2. Jayne Marx

    Very cute. Our new buddy, “BUDDY” was born around Election Day. Should we elect Buddy President?!

    XOXO Jayne

  3. sidshapira

    Congrats, Jayne, on the new addition to your family!


    Just Too Funny! Happy Belated Birthday to Danny!

  5. Rhoda Forrest

    Great blog. Love the pictures

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