Close, but no cigar

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The results are in for the Balboa Park Top Dog Photo Contest and, alas, our rescue dog, Danny, didn’t win. Nor, did he make the top three. But, he did make the top 25 by virtue of being a finalist, which in itself is quite an accomplishment.

After our initial disappointment and outcry – “How did he not make the top 3?” “You’re telling me those other dogs are more photogenic than Danny?” “Someone must have stuffed the ballot box!” – we decided to take a more pragmatic approach. And, in the long run, it might prove to be a valuable lesson for him (and us).

Most of us have heard of the expression – defeat doesn’t build character, it reveals character. And, it’s true. It’s how we respond to these situations that really defines our true character.

Besides, all we need to do is to remind Danny that online contests like these are nothing more than a popularity contest. Whoever has the widest network of Facebook friends and Twitter followers will probably emerge victorious.

One only has to examine the hit television program, American Idol, to realize that. Not winning the popular singing competition didn’t stop Jennifer Hudson from achieving greatness, did it?

But, overall, the photo contest was a great experience. Danny got a chance to explore all the nooks and crannies of Balboa Park and we got to try out our new camera. And, it confirmed our belief that as convenient and ubiquitous as they might be, smartphone cameras just don’t capture images quite as well.

It’s certainly has been an eventful summer for Danny. In July, he passed his Canine Good Citizen program test to be certified as a therapy dog and this month he was a finalist in the Balboa Park Top Dog Photo Contest. What’s next?

Stay tuned….