Danny’s special connection with children

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It’s been apparent since we adopted Danny back in August 2013. He loves children and they love him!

Exhibit A: Shortly after we adopted Danny, we took him to the local dog park. He walked through the gate and immediately surveyed the situation. At every corner, there were dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Danny wanted nothing to do with them. On one side of the park, he spotted a little boy sitting next to his dog. Danny promptly sauntered over and sat down next to the little boy. He remained there until it was time to go home.

Exhibit B: In the fall of 2013, we attended a cross-country track meet in which our friends’ son from Arizona was competing. Danny accompanied us to the meet. When we arrived, Danny spied a young child watching the action. He pulled us in the direction of the child, greeted the child, and stayed put for the next 20 minutes.

Do you see a pattern developing? There’s an undeniable attraction between Danny and children. Consequently, when I decided to write the children’s book, Danny Dog, I knew that school visits would be an integral part of the process.

Since the book was released in late October, we have already visited 10 schools (pre-school through elementary) with more on the way. The reception each and every time is the same – the children swarm around Danny and he basks in the affection they display toward him.

Watching the special bond that exists between Danny and the children is really something to behold.

But, more than anything, it has underscored the importance of sharing Danny’s story and the important message it delivers to children – namely, giving rescue pets (like Danny) a second chance. Hence, the tagline that was trademarked:  Believe in Second Chances™.

If you know any teachers that would like us to visit their school, please contact us through the website: www.dannyrescuedog.com.

In the meantime, here is a selection of photos from some of our school visits…

IMG_3025IMG_4646IMG_4697IMG_4888Danny the Dog at WS Montessori_47