Everyone’s making resolutions these days

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Now that the calendar has turned to 2014, it seems everyone and his dog has made New Year’s resolutions. Speaking of which, the other day I sat down with Danny, our rescue dog, to talk about the imminent New Year.

During our chat, Danny shared his New Year’s resolutions, along with his plans for accomplishing those goals. I learned that he is not only intelligent, but he is a very perceptive canine.

Here are Danny’s resolutions for 2014:

  • To spend less time at the vet and more time at the mall

My parents like to call me a metro-dog, so I guess I’d better live up to my reputation.

  • To shed the cone once and for all

Seems I’ve spent half the time at my new home wearing a lampshade over my head to prevent me from irritating my left hind paw. Frankly, I think lampshades should be reserved for over-zealous partiers on New Year’s Eve.

  • To learn to share with my cat siblings

Since I arrived in the house late last summer, I’ve had a propensity to steal their toys, their beds and, occasionally, their food. I’ll do a better job of sharing this year, but I draw the line when it comes to food.

  • To go on an overnight trip with my parents

Rumor has it, I’ll be traveling to Palm Desert later this month to meet my canine cousin from Canada. Can’t wait.

  • To figure out what’s so special about dog parks

Maybe it’s just me, but a bunch of unruly dogs running around in a grassy area doesn’t exactly appeal to me. I’d rather go for a car ride.

  • To lose the freshman 1.5

Hey, I like food – my food, my cat sisters’ food, my parents’ food. Consequently, I’ve put on a pound or two since arriving at my new home. In 2014, I plan to keep a tighter rein on my diet.

  • To write a book about how I ended up with my new forever family

I’ve always wanted to tell my story… from the streets to the suburbs.

So there you have it. Danny’s list of resolutions seems like a fairly complete and attainable one to me. Get to it, Danny boy!

And, to everyone, a very happy and healthy New Year!


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    Too, too cute!

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