Halloween no treat for Danny boy

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We had been anxiously looking forward to Halloween. After all, Danny, the rescue dog, would be enjoying his first Halloween with us.

Shortly after we adopted him, we purchased an outfit for our little guy to wear on Halloween. Alas, we won’t be able to get it over the lampshade on his head.

A little over two weeks ago, we took Danny to the vet after he was hobbling around for the better part of a day. They took x-rays and found some soft tissue inflammation. The diagnosis was rest and relaxation. Not easy for an active dog.

After a few days of rest, he seemed back to his normal self. He was back to darting around the house and playing with the cats.

Then, just the other day, he started hobbling again. Another visit to the vet revealed an abscess in his hind leg. They drained the blood and puss and put him on antibiotics and pain medicine. After a few hours at the vet, we were allowed to take him home with a cone (I prefer to call it a lampshade) over his head so he wouldn’t lick at the infected foot.

And, he was ordered to remain in a crate, with limited activity aside from going out in the yard to relieve himself. Fortunately, the little guy is handling it very well. Probably better than we are.

We know there will be other Halloweens for him to enjoy. But, it’s just that he loves being around kids and would have been so excited to see all the kids in the neighborhood in their costumes.

He’ll just to wait till next year. Sounds like the refrain of the local baseball team.

Hang in there, buddy. You’ll be as good as new real soon.


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  1. Virginia Degeneres

    How sad!! Love to him and u two too. V.

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  2. Teresa

    His Halloween look could include jailhouse stripes…poor pup! –Teresa

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