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As you’ve probably gathered by now, Danny, the rescue dog, has settled in quite nicely in his new home. A month has gone by – 34 days, but who’s counting – since he entered our lives. And, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say he’s extremely comfortable in his new surroundings. His pet housemates, Winnie and Marley, would certainly attest to that.Image


And, there’s the rub right there. You see, Winnie and Marley had the house and its amenities all to themselves for several years. During those years, they acquired certain household items that were their sole property – like the wicker pet bed that sits in the kitchen by the window and the tiny red cat house with the multiple openings that occupies a prominent place in the den. These ‘toys’ had been the exclusive domain of the two cats and they’ve enjoyed them immensely.

Then, along comes Danny to claim them for his own. Remarkably, Winnie and Marley haven’t even put up a fight. Even more remarkable is that Danny can actually fit his frame into that tiny red house. The fact remains that Winnie and Marley are completely fine with this new arrangement. Whatever happened to standing up for your rights? Standing up for your property?

From an early age, we were always taught to share – be it toys, snacks, answers to tests, whatever. Obviously, that doesn’t extend to the canine world. Clearly, Danny has no interest in abiding by those rules. He operates by his rules – what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. And, the cats aren’t the least bit deterred.

So, why am I bothered by this latest development? I wish I knew. I guess if it doesn’t bother them, it shouldn’t bother me. But, if I see Danny sitting up in the cat tree one of these days, it might be time for an intervention.


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    Love it! U r a wonderful writer!! But we already knew that!!!

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