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I last wrote about Danny some three weeks ago – on Halloween, to be precise – and it’s apparent followers of this blog are getting restless.

Just the other day, someone asked me, “When are you going to write about Danny again?”

Understandably, people have been smitten by Danny, the rescue dog. He’s a real charmer, after all. Of course, we’re not the least bit biased, are we?

When I last blogged about Danny, he was sporting the latest in headgear. I’m pleased to report that he has shed the lampshade (cone) that he was wearing to protect the abscess on his hind foot.

The little Shih Tzu is back to running around the house, chasing the cats up and down the stairs, and being his typical energetic self.

Danny, as you may know, was named after his late ‘grandfather’ Dan (Sheryl’s dad). The other day would have been my father-in-law’s 87th birthday and it gave me time to reflect on him and his namesake.

It’s been said that dogs often resemble their parents. But, each time we observe Danny, we see more of his grandfather in him.

You see, Danny is a gregarious fellow who loves people and loves a good party. Anyone who knew his grandfather would say that’s a perfect description of Dan.

In the three months we’ve had him, Danny has received numerous invitations to dinner parties. And, just like his namesake, he is definitely in his element at these social gatherings. He works the room like a pro, engaging each visitor at the party. With those skills, he could run for office. But, we’re trying to discourage him from that line of work.

Much like his grandfather, Danny has a passion for cars. He loves to go for drives around town and loves to play with the power windows. The day we got Danny, I placed him in the back seat for the ride home. Before I could sit down, he had jumped into the driver’s seat. His grandfather would have been proud of him.

Another similarity to his namesake can be found in his gait. When Danny goes for a walk, he walks with a purpose. Blessed with broad shoulders and a sturdy build, he has a confident stride much like his grandfather had.

Clearly, Danny’s charm and personality reminds us repeatedly of his grandfather. In a way, it serves to keep the spirit of his grandfather alive. It’s apparent this apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Danny is ready to go cruising


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