My dog is smarter than yours – seriously!

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You know those parents who are always bragging about their kids – “My kid is so bright!” or “You wouldn’t believe how smart Johnny is!”

And, on and on.

Well, I never thought I’d go down that road, let alone with a dog. But, I must say, Danny is pretty doggone smart. Our rescue dog does things that surprise us all the time.

For example, when I put on my “Danny Dog” t-shirt, he knows it’s time to go to work. And, he loves what that means. When Danny sees that t-shirt, he knows we’re going for a car ride to a school visit or a book signing. He is so excited! He’ll run to the garage, bark repeatedly and then jump up and down. He can’t wait!

And, he knows when someone unfamiliar – whether it’s the UPS driver or someone’s relative visiting from out of town – is in the neighborhood. When he spots them, he’ll stop in his tracks, stare them down and make sure they belong.

Intuitive and aware – that’s Danny.

But, the other night, his intelligence level soared to new heights. I took him to a cool, dog-friendly restaurant in Point Loma called The Wine Pub. We sat on the outdoor patio and listened to the very talented musician, Ryan Brolliar. Ryan played a number of popular tunes in his set, ranging from the Beatles to Elton John to the Eagles.

Danny sat quietly under the table throughout the first 30 minutes of the set.

Then, Ryan began to play the classic Loggins and Messina hit, “Danny’s Song.”

Almost on cue, Danny began to bark – and bark and bark and bark. I tried to calm Danny but, truthfully, I couldn’t help but smile.

Meanwhile, Ryan stopped midway through the song, turned to me and said, “He must really like this song.”

“His name is Danny,” I replied.

That remark broke up Ryan and everybody within earshot.

Yes, our brilliant little dog knows when someone is singing his song. He certainly made quite an impression that night.

I wonder what he – Danny, that is – will do for an encore.


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