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Most of us have heard of Neighborhood Watch, the national program developed by the National Sheriffs’ Association in 1972 to assist citizens and law enforcement.

Well, on our street, we have what I affectionately call Neighborhood Watchdog. And, who might head that program, you ask? None other than Danny, our rescue dog.

Since we adopted him in late August, Danny has blossomed from a little dog that barely made a peep into one that has certainly found his voice. Yes, the little Shih (pause for effect) Tzu has definitely asserted himself and made his presence known in the neighborhood.

Besides being more vocal, Danny has developed quite a stare down. When he sees an unfamiliar figure in the neighborhood, he will stop in his tracks and give the individual the twice over.

And, he doesn’t play favorites – be it a gardener, UPS driver, serviceman, jogger from another street – he’ll cast a glare that will penetrate through their skin. Sometimes he’ll growl silently, other times he’ll just give the ice-cold stare.

I must say, his performance is pretty impressive. If a person doesn’t look like they belong on the street, Danny will let him know with his actions.

Who knew a 17-pound dog could wield so much power? Clearly, Danny is embracing his self-appointed role as Neighborhood Watchdog. Not on his watch seems to be his motto. Now, if he could only do something about those folks who don’t pick up after dogs. Then, he could run for national office.


So, this is your neighborhood watchdog?


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  1. Jayne Marx

    Where did you rescue him from? He really is quite adorable!

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